This is me...Ulli Thornton, I'm German and I love pretzels. There's nothing like a big, fresh soft pretzel with a salty crust. Although other regions of Germany have their stories of how it was invented, the so-called Laugenbrezel is accredited to the Bavarians. Have you ever been in Bavaria? If so, you probably have seen people of all ages eating these golden-brown twists of goodness. It’s considered breakfast, lunch and dinner…each day and every day. On your way to work, school or road trip, it’s the perfect snack for everyone. 


I was born and raised in Germany and spent more than 15 years in Nuremberg close to Munich which is the capital of Bavaria. I can truly say, that I probably tested every single pretzel bakery in town, simply because I love pretzels. After moving to the US in 2003, I pretty much did the same thing…I tested pretzels and couldn’t find a single one that tasted like home. So what do you do when you can’t find your favorite food? Well, either you make it yourself or do without. Never had a German style pretzel? No problem…What a great time to try something new and tasty. I would be happy to bake you some wonderful treats, and I promise that you will be hooked after the first bite.


"Baking is my passion and I love to bring a piece of Germany to Oregon."
My story starts in Lake Oswego, Oregon where my family and I moved in 2014. We relocated from Germany and I was craving a pretzel - just like the ones I would find back home. The ideal pretzel, as served in Germany, has a dark brown, crispy, salty crust, and inside a soft dough. It has a plump "body", and thin, crispy crossed "arms." Sounds delicious? It sure is...
After months and months of experimenting I finally developed the perfect pretzel. The same traditional taste, however using a slightly different process: no lye and no direct contact with aluminum; so no worries. I source high quality products from mostly local suppliers to hand-twist the perfect pretzel: organic flour, salt, water, a pinch of sugar, butter, baking soda and nothing else. Sounds pretty straight forward to me. And believe me…it’s delicious. 
The pretzel bee hive dough is the same recipe with a little twist. It is covered with a light dusting of cinnamon sugar and a honey drizzle - this little creation is to die for.
A few months later I added banana bread to my product range. I bake with fresh products to ensure that it tastes moist and fruity.

Banana bread is an utterly delicious treat, the natural sweetness of the fruit lends itself perfectly to baking. I have used this recipe for years and I absolutely believe that it is made to perfection.  This bread is as moist on day one as it is on day three, just amazing.  


My newest addition is an applesauce bread, based on an old family recipe. If you like applesauce, dates and pecans, you will love this Southern style loaf of goodness. My husband's grandmother who was born and raised in the South created this delicious cake. We usually serve it during family reunions as the highlight of every lunch or dinner. Because of its fresh ingredients and moist nature, you will be able to enjoy it days after being baked. Give this wonderful family recipe a try because it truly tastes great.